October 10, 2014

KAGS News Spotlight: Teri Sabo, Breast Health Navigator

Fitting for this time of year, Bryan local news station KAGS is running a highlight segment on our Breast Health Navigator, Teri Sabo.

As proud as we are to have recently received a Breast Cancer Center of Excellence Accreditation, we are more proud to know that we received the designation because of the hard work and dedication exhibited by so many St. Joseph staffers, physicians and hospital personnel.

Even more important than receiving the designation, is our drive to provide state-of-the art care for our friends, families and neighbors in this community. The purpose of the distinction is not to represent a milestone, but to further invigorate us in our pursuit to deliver the best support and holistic care for breast cancer patients, their families, caregivers and loved ones.

And to this end, no other individual has been more instrumental than Teri Sabo! She has been a leader and a champion throughout the accreditation process and beyond. Without the work that Teri has done and continues to do each day it’s likely that we would not have been able to achieve the region’s only Breast Cancer Center of Excellence.

Because Teri is such a pillar of our hospital and of this community we ask that you join us in celebrating her success helping patients to, not only survive, but to thrive as they battle the deeply affective bout that breast cancer most certainly is.

Expect more from us on Teri and from the Breast Cancer Center this month, and in the meantime join us as we say:

Thank You, Teri and Congratulations!

October 1, 2014

Understanding Your Breast Cancer Risk

Breast Cancer Awareness Month   

Because today marks the kickoff of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we thought what better way to start than with an infographic? This clear and straightforward graphic from Cancer Treatment Centers of America can serve as a easy-to-use guide for breast cancer self-assessment.


September 17, 2014

[INFOGRAPHIC]: How Germs Spread

Now that school has been back in session for nearly a month, this infographic couldn’t have come at a better time. Special thanks to the Mother Nature Network and Pediatrics After Hours for sharing such a simple and useful guide.

Arming the family with knowledge of these facts and stats might mean the difference between the kids missing a week of school (which keeps you out of work no less) and the perfect attendance award.

We even called out a few below to help you and yours get a jump on besting all those pesky germs out there!

  • Be sure to coach your kids so they’re among the 77% people who wash their hands after using public restrooms! BTW, this number should definitely be higher than 77%… Eek!
  • Remember that poor hygiene and food don’t mix. FYI 50% of food related illnesses are caused by poor personal hygiene.
  • Germs don’t die they multiply. A single germ can become a germ-army numbering more than 8 million in just 24 hours!!!
  • Teach the kiddos to cover their mouths with the vampire arm when coughing or sneezing, but don’t forget to teach them that they should also avoid covering the mouths of others when they sneeze. Germs can travel at speeds of up to 80 mph when projected by a sneeze.
  • And finally… If at all possible, don’t buy that iguana to celebrate your Pre-K kids’ first “A-Honor-Roll” (heck… if you aren’t careful you may wind up with a baby alligator anyway). Kids 5 and under are more susceptible to being among the 70,000 people who develop salmonella each year, simply from coming in contact with pet reptiles!

How Germs Spread 2014 St. Joseph Health System Real Wellness Post

How Germs Spread Infographic Courtesy of : http://www.mnn.com/


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